We Came From The Heart And We Are Here To Unlock Your Uniqueness

Secret Energy is a metaphysical academy and collective commune impacting millions of Souls across the globe. We have pioneered some of the most advanced spiritual technologies utilized to expand consciousness and propel the Seeker into the discovery and use of their individual uniqueness. We created a mindful ecosystem of development, connection, and accountability deployed worldwide through physical and virtual channels. Our Tribe is harmonized and recognizes the power of combined essence. Welcome to the pinnacle.

Sevan B.


Ginette M.


Life L.


Wigeby T.


Monika H.


Sean C.


Wendy S.


Bobby T.


Isaac W.


Helder N.


Mark R.


Curtis H.


We are big on action and are responsible for erecting paradigm shifting venues and tools. We work with those gifted, and going through stages of personal spiritual awareness alike, which results in a nucleus of a genuine family. Our efforts drastically reduce the time wasted in disinformation and lack of cohesion often found in new age movements. In this way, you are insured to be on the proper path to self, ready to amplify your talents. 

Mentors for Life and Beyond

Our pride is a full spectrum mission of unity across all divides. Secret Energy has over a decade of engagements supporting the growth and intellect of a variety of Beings across the cosmos.

We all breathe the same air and that means the most powerful and feeble alike share many common traits. We designed a full-blown support system for the stages in life that are tough to get through alone. During a transformation, there must be a fine blend of self-reflection and genuine interaction. Secret Energy has always synchronistically filled the void of many as they cross the ocean of doubt into the limitless expanse of total connectivity.

Mindfulness Reinvented

We are now A Mindful Co. and poised to bring the expanded levels of our ecosystem to the world. We don’t just focus on the verbal and literal aspects of spreading awareness and repairing the human soul, we explored all robust arenas of human life and created augmentations through research and development to bring metaphysical awareness into daily life.

A technology is anything external to our consciousness. For countless periods we have used these inventions to augment our physical experience as we prepare for the ultimate stage of living through everything in total awareness. Due to the various properties of our environment as a people we must constantly adjust to the changes we are making and being taken through. PhiAqua (pictured to the right), is an invention by our developer, Sevan Bomar, that embodies this essence. Our faction has so much to deliver to the world and has assets ready for entertainment, education, self-development, and enterprise level recovery support. 

A Conscious Bank

Confronting the financial stance of the conscious community and its ability to deploy holistic solutions abroad is our interest. We’ve begun a movement to incentivize mindful deeds that have a backbone in financial brilliance and true game theory. The highest value will always remain in participation, this is Tribe.

Everyone has a gift and a story. Empowering others to cultivate their uniqueness is a venture and act of love. Having the foundation and resources needed to support the growth of another’s spiritual future is a challenge we have met. With all of our abilities working in tandem, we generate a collective form of energy that is capable of sustaining our efforts progressively.

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