Welcome to the Secret Energy Affiliate Program

Secret Energy expanded its efforts to create a complete ecosystem for conscious people years ago. One of those ventures was to start Spiritech. Spiritech handles a variety of real-world aspects pertaining to contracting, employment, manufacturing, and training. These efforts have arisen out of the need to create a form of revenue generation for conscious people. Here are all the benefits of becoming a Specialist which is free. If are looking for more mentorship in becoming a conscious entrepreneur, cultivating your uniqueness, and joining a live interaction you may also want to check out Ambassador Training.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Incorporate a new way to support yourself that builds love, connection, and greater wellness.

  • Enjoy archived training videos on product presentation.

  • Gain 9% commission across the board for the total value of the sale.

  • Get stationary, forms, and access to productivity tools.

  • Have you own white-label store.