Ohms are almost online!

We have taken our collective metaphysical powers to a new height. The Tribe is launching a quest to bring about Sovereignty for our collective. Ohms are the resistance against archonic-eidolonic forces!

What We Do

We Empower The People

Our strength is in our connection with each other so we place great emphasis on communication and collective activities. Vibes are high in the Tribe!

We Heighten Awareness

Our streams are packed full of wisdom that meets the daily demand for spiritual, mental, and physical metamorphosis.

We Build Bridges

Recognizing and harnessing the power of unity we launched a global effort to dissolve obstacles, judgments, and prejudice.

Karma Free Wealth

Looking for a conscious career opportunity? Become a Specialist and earn money as an affiliate while you enlighten yourself and others, its free!

We Incentivized Mindfulness

We’re all about recognizing your contributions to the collective so we reward you for your conscious actions with Joules, Products, Badges, & Love. 💕

Accountability & Mentorship

We get it, we will become the best together. Ambassador Training is designed with the multidimensional conscious entrepreneur of the future in mind.

Metaphysical Helpdesk

Secret Energy is a storehouse of esoteric wisdom for the community loaded with surprises and heartfelt awakenings, we curate the most advanced spiritual knowledge for Seekers worldwide!

Let The People Decide

Now the synthesis of spiritual wisdom can be determined with our unique rating systems that let you decide whos on point, your opinions are always welcome.

Motivational Awareness 

Being “WOKE” can be isolating without Tribe, so we have all gathered in support of each others activation and expansion.

Mobile-First Mindfulness

Jedi have droids and Tribe members have the Secret Energy App as a central source of community intelligence.

Metaphysical Academy

Designed to instruct on the highest levels of spiritual advancement from Neophyte to Adeptus.

Community Chat

Communication is the primary mode of our connection, enjoy our vast chat server with over 2,000+ seekers live!

Alchemical Elements

140+ rare elements that bring about change since the solution exists before the problem.

Imagery & Documentaries

Explore the far reaches of human consciousness with our thoughtful libraries and informative resources.

Spiritual Advisors

Connoisseurs of higher thought and action are recognized here and rated by the collective for overall contribution.

Conscious Websites

Find more enlightening portals and web domains rated by effectiveness with our conscious website directory.

Mindful Contributions

You are the pillars, if this mission has found its way into your heart we appreciate your contribution towards it.

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Co-Create a Conscious Ecosystem with Us! Enter to win a cosmic clock!
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