How To Produce DMT Naturally

So what’s the secret behind a DMT trip and near death experience?  Or is it even a secret as many do like to make believe?

In the next video, Grand Master Mantak Chia explains how this process occurs when there comes the time where the body is “not fit” anymore for the spirit to stay in it.

The adrenal glands and the energy of the kidneys, heart, and lungs are all connected to what is called the death hormone, which starts being built when we’re still in the womb as the organic dark room.  When we consume the DMT in substances as a trend that it became in recent years, instead of organically producing it ourselves from our own body (also magic mushrooms and other drugs), there is, in fact, a draining of resources in the body and in the vital life force.

As Mantak Chia explains, the visions we see when the spirit gets out of the body are like the T.V., and that energy has to come from somewhere.  And if you experiment with these substances and your body is sensitive enough you can even feel where it comes from.  There is always danger when we take too much of something, and staying too much time under the effects of most of the drugs we use today in our society, falling into addiction has its toll on the body.

Most people that doubt his teachings, if they learn with him at his center he explains everything with a scientific background and he has doctors at his center working with him.  Dark chambers were also used in ancient Egypt for a reason.  The thing is that many people just get offended when there are teachings that for some reason disturbs their drug use.

There is another way of separating the body from the spirit but with energy control.  Other points talked about in the video are also the role of melatonin, serotonin, past life memories, the wisdom of the stars and more.




  1. Aarrow 3 years ago

    Man….this man…talks chi like no other

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  3. Hammer 2 years ago

    There is a pretty good description of this sort of thing in Robert Peng’s book, ‘The Master Key’. His Qigong master called it ‘Biguan’, and according to him, if the student and Master are up to it, it can be up 100 days in darkness,( with some candle light), 80 of which can be without food. This to try and bring on ‘xiao er da huo’- small death, big life, where you are all but dead and your master keeps your energy moving and stops you from crossing permanently…………next level!

    Great clip.

  4. Dzie 10 months ago

    Hammer: Oh yeah, I want to do that ;~

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