A Massive Planetary Lineup is Happening Now

Do you feel restless? Are you making some major changes in your life right now? Are you finding that people that you generally are never able to link with are all of a sudden coming around? This is all a phenomena of Planetary lineups like the one that began on January 23 and will continue until the 7th of February 2016. Its important for us all to remember that we are the Cosmos and the Cosmos is within us. Planetary lineups such as these really do effect our consciousness and things going on around us through resonation, so if something strange or abnormal is going on its important to reflect upon what is happening in the stars as it may give you the answer needed to solve an otherwise puzzling coincidence. In addition keep in mind that the major Planetary systems connect to your Chakras so you can have an array of physical and emotional symptoms in times like this when organs are all lined up with one another. Here are some things you may experience that are related to the lineup.

Moving: I call this the constellation change. When our planets move in to a new house or position, sometimes we do to and this can effect our living arrangements, jobs, etc.

Relationship Situations: When Venus is lining up she often brings ex-lovers or a questioning nature to the status of your current relationship. Sex drive also has a tendency to be increased so be on your guard for being guided by your passions versus common sense.

Information Overload: When Mercury is resonating due to the energetics of other lineups this often brings a flood of new information which accompanies sometimes an antsy feeling about life and your spiritual stance or even a feeling of information overload. Be sure to not get fed up of the new info, just relax and store it away for a later date when the information highway is more clear.

Challenges: Sometimes conflict brings resolution and with Saturn and Mars squaring off there is sure to be some type of quarrel that must be neutralized so don’t let the emotional waves get the best of you. Be mindful of the time we are in and be the one who knows how to detect when a situation occurring is more of a planetary trigger issue versus an issue with an actual person or situation.

Being a Cosmos requires that we learn to regulate such energetic forces. Since the Moon will be hanging out also in this lineup it is important to ground properly. This can be done by insuring you have a healthy mineral intake during these times and in the future. Shilajit seems to do the trick in giving the body enough minerals to “ground” all of that current. Likewise taking your shoes off and having a walk with the Mother is a sure remedy to making sure you stay firm during these times of energetic connection. Lastly there is nothing that is bad or good about lineups, every opportunity presents a time to connect more with yourself and what is being presented, just keep your balancing rod on deck. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations.

Sevan Bomar

The Innovatist


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  1. Empresss 2 years ago

    LINE UP!

    I remember in school, when it was time to “line up” it meant we were about to make a move as a UNIT….from one place to another.

  2. maryann 2 years ago

    So is this happening now or did it happen a year ago.

  3. Angel RaRa 2 years ago

    I’m feeling this for sure. Been nothing but one thing after another all leading up to me and my family relocating to a different country. I am feeling it big time.

  4. B.O.N.D 2 years ago

    New house, colon cleanse, new and old friends conversing, disbelief and shade being thrown my way for loving thyself and making such an awesome transformation meaning I must be doing something right! Standing firm in my lifestyle and refusing to be drawn in to the negative, although I just caught myself a moment ago, because this essay I’m writing got erased due to it being so close to the Secret Energy Chat tab it opened it then went to the next blog, Wu Sa no big deal! Everything’s in balance and my Megahydrate came today! In The Last Dragon fashion, ” I’m the Master” of me!

  5. nowhere 2 years ago

    All these words, and none can convey the unfolding beauty of all that seems to be occurring. Beyond grateful for secret energy (in all of its incarnations) and the people supporting and participating

  6. Josefa 2 years ago

    much synchronicites for me in this post, I have helped my family move into a new house a few days ago, I will be travelling overseas in the next few days and on top of that I’ve been trying to mitigate constant anger and frustration that is brewing constantly but being balanced out with clear messages and shifts in my attittude to those loved ones around me.

    I came across this as always when it was needed. WBV

  7. Strawberry 2 years ago

    maybe now humans will wake up to the fact that its illegal to use a legal name, no excuses. untill you remove this spiritually dishonourable glass ceiling its bang bang, watch ya head 😉

  8. Strawberry 2 years ago

    It’s very telling that nearly 4000 people on this site care where the planets are and are interested in the external ‘gravities’, but, only a handfull are interested in the ultimate trap on this plan/net, these soul stabbing tongue pledges (languages) designed by demons and misunderstood by the Dead/deed.fullstop. While staring out at the stars, at effect, X -legged, Mer-chanting mantra(p)s , the demons snigger at those (99.9%)still signing/sinning their lives away, Birth certificates ( salvaged intellectual property of the crown), registers (rulers of divine femi-nine creative energy), mortgages (death pledges en francais).
    get the I.D.EA? Sevan has said many times ” you are not the name you use”. 100% correct, self evident to the heart (earth). If you under/inner/overstand this fact then take it to its inevitable conclusion………….. YOU are in spiritual dishonour every time YOU use a LEGAL name.
    Google legal name fraud and start there, theres no fluffy new C-age uni-corns coming to save ya folks, just you KNOWING who you are. That begins with KNOWING (NOW_KING) what you are not, a legal fiction. TRULY break the “spell”.

    nuff seed

  9. OPENFIELD 2 years ago

    Thank you for this post, we would appreciate regular updates like these from Sevan and other SE trusted astrologers & astronomers to assist us in staying informed. Much of this resonates with us. Our Bikram workout has been sweatier, hotter & more challenging than ever, but very healing & detoxing. We have also been consumed with new information regarding probiotic farming and Dr. Cassar’s work. Grateful for this planetary alert!

    You must forget how cold it gets up here in the states Sevan! Barefoot walking has been giving us cold feet for a couple months now, even in Florida 😉

  10. Jef Nemer 2 years ago

    I dont think anyone knows how exactly the planets affect us. I mean exactly how, not metaphorically speaking.

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