How to analyze your own deficiencies based on your Zodiac

Extensive research has shown that our Astrological positioning when born does indeed affect our overall health, abilities, and vulnerabilities. Because of this a method has been introduced that can assist you with perfecting your Being by eliminating minerals deficiencies on a cellular level. To simplify how this works you must first understand that when a Cell is super heated what remains is ash. This ash contain only 12 salts also called Cell Salts. Since everyone produces more of one salt than another this can lead to deficiencies that are the cause of numerous health and physiological issues. Biochemical Tissue Salts—also called Cell Salts—are actually minerals in an energetic form that can assist you with such situations.

You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. The biochemical system introduced here has stood the test of time because it works. Anyone can reap the benefits of this great research. You only need to learn how to find the Salt(s) that you are deficient in based on your Zodiac sign or the symptoms.

Instructions on how to treat yourself using Biochemical Cell Salts

Diagnosing the Cell Salt(s) that you are deficient in is simple.

  1. Locate your Zodiac Sign on the chart below.

  2. Trace your Zodiac sign to the corresponding Cell Salt. You have now found the cell salt you will be most deficient in. Its recommended that you not only take that Salt but the other 2 Salts adjacent to your sign. This is due to the notion that you will most likely be deficient in those Salts also.

astro_chemical_physiological_chromatic_chart copy 2

To buy Cell Salts individually you can click here. You can also find the entire Cell Salt Kit of 12 Cell Salts on this page also.  There are multiple uses for the other Cell Salts especially in relation to your overall well being. A quick way to find what Cell Salts may assist you is to use our Holistic Knowledge Base. You only need to type your issue and select the link that matches your description. It will contain information about the Cell Salts you need and other pointers along with more remedies.



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    Energy Breath 2 years ago

    Thank you for this. I was trying to put this together for my family and didn’t have all the details I needed. 🙂

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