Ley Lines and What You Need to Know About Them


Spiritual knowledge can advance a person thousands of years in weeks if you actually take it seriously.  The eyes often reflect this even if the face doesn’t and your night of reading may put you a thousand years ahead of someone who is not.  This particular book is very interesting, and since it is only 145 pages, I highly recommend taking the time to read it.  It points out certain things that connect with what we were talking about over time since my rantings with Dr. Blaire; the control of the ley lines and the function of churches on top of the ley lines.



Earth as a living Being makes all leylines veins of energy, of course.  However, just as we have discovered with our body we have Kundalini, Ming, Yen, Yang, and Prana.  While some of these mean the same as the other, there are many different energies with different names.  So which energy are they tapping into; those that know of such things?  The answer is within how you came about the knowledge.

Ley lines can be used as direct charging stations for the activated human body.  As I mentioned before, it seemed from the moment I activated that energy was seeping out of my hands below the thumb, out of the bottom of my feet, and sometimes out of my stomach, thus causing a constant slow draining of the power.

One of the most incredible statements made in the book is that basically what the Jesuits would do is tap a ley line and then bury one of their Priests there and he would become the “Guardian Angel” of the area.  Now that really explains a lot when you think about it, and it also gives one idea about how graveyards, if not situated properly, can cause spirits to be stagnant and trapped while they would normally take a ley line Route to their next spiritual destination.

knights of malta


Oh yeah, it’s all coming out now as we said.  Time can now be controlled, and those who wish the freedom of Truth, we have come to grant it.  No stone will be left unturned and as I expand the skeleton of each of these posts, the whole world will know about it.

pope jesuit







Sounds like something fishy, no doubt some trapping is going on, and it makes it a lot more cohesive because the author of this book states that currents of water carry these Energies and many Beings use water to travel to destinations, as it is the most receptive Element, which is why it’s so easy to put intent in water.  Then there was something about dead people only being able to travel in straight lines, hmm angles again.

There is a constant dishing out of the fear-mongering warrants left and right these days, but the fact still is knowledge gives you the ability and allows you to eventually be firm on your choices while progressing towards the big meaning; which are you being totally awake.  If it’s anything we are learning it’s we have to grow up on a Planetary level and stop looking to Papa and Mama all the time and get into the Galaxy, so you can go Universal.



  1. Karen Taylor 3 years ago

    Hmm “X” marks the spot also comes to mind.

  2. B.O.N.D 3 years ago

    Limitless knowledge is the most exhilarating amusement park ever! INjoying this never ending ride! 8ing for 9 and forward again!

  3. Morad 3 years ago

    the name of the book which is 145 pages.? or did i miss the name of the book in the article .?

  4. B.O.N.D 3 years ago

    Morad, hit the link open publication seven near the top and what you seek is there Mi Familia!

  5. Morad 3 years ago

    Ancient Energies of the Earth by David Cowan
    free pdf download

  6. Josefa 3 years ago

    Synchronicity alert!!!

    Ive started reading a document about activating the third eye and other energetic bodies firstly through mediation and the use of the vibration from the layrnx. The document also goes on to talk about closing the aura, developing your energetic bodies which includes tuning your body to find ley lines and to use them as a charging source.

    After reading this I will look at this document, in the meantime hopefully both of these documents can offer a wide view of utilizing these natural technologies. Hope this helps. https://archive.org/stream/AwakiningTheThirdEye/AwakeningTheThirdEye_djvu.txt

  7. Svn Grhms 3 years ago

    @Josefa Ive read the AwakeningThe ThirdEye book too…. He talks about the difference between leylines and earthlines… From what i get from it earthlines are actually where you would want to bury people because of the energy transmutes but is not deemed for human living conditions. Energy Wells are the opposite I guess. The worst part about all this shit is that were using english so who really knows… a energy well and leyline could be the same thing. lol We gotta stop all the speculating and get quantum & find out.

  8. Shareout 2 years ago

    The beauty of scanning the ancient Kabbalistic writings as if able to read language with finger and eyes. A computer system was modeled after human brain processing info scanned, and the eyes are the Windows to the soul so it’s processing as written by original author 4000 years or so ago. Texts of choice on Amazon or ebay, happy shopping. Watching ancient aliens is good for the historical facts of every ancient religious text names. Even if not into ET theory.

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