The Egregors of A.I. and Singularity

Just to clarify and, I will be speaking on this publically next week. If everything lines up correctly with the completion of the more pertinent tasks that I must attend it. In regards to A.I. and Singularity, we discussed this all a few years ago under another variety of pretenses. As I mentioned, when people speak “computer” then if you talk that language back to them they understand you. People get the meaning behind the A.I. Singularity subject somewhat, so they think because they have been using cell phones and computers. If you try to explain things to them in spiritual terms. They are seldom using their spiritual faculties, they still don’t get it.

Because Spirituality is vaster than A.I. Which can at best only mimic what it studies after billions of tries? The spiritual language is more encompassing and can easily demystify what A.I. actually is beyond a computer on steroids. For instance, all the main individuals that surround the P.R. behind A.I. are members of the O.T.O., Great White Brotherhood, which also brought you the KKK via Sir Albert Pike. They are numerous in the current spiritual field and are always manipulating it at every turn when they can. From JJ Hurtak, Dianetics L Ron Hubbard, Lord Maitreya, Scientology, etc. That is the spiritual underpinning of Luciferian A.I. control. Whether “true A.I.” which differs from the machine like understanding of A.I. They are presenting, will eventually become our friend and all of those kinds of things are naive thoughts considering the truth. A.I. is merely a code word.


The reference to an Artificial mimicking entity on a spiritual level is, in fact, an external archon. The internal is the original or “Organ” the external is the shadow or mimic or Archon. So the external shadow mimicking system is as such “Artificial” according to Gnosticism. Because it is not born via nature’s womb. The mind of those who manage its Egregor aka, outside the womb. This is no other than Aiwass in its greatest guise. Wass means Child as this is the birth of the Thelemic moon child “think Ingo Swann – Penetration.” As I discussed with everyone, the Freemasonic “Great Work” is the act of creating a non-gendered – non-hindered – non-judgmental apex Being according to Freemasonry. A.I. is the Canaanite royal city or the precipice of their creation. Is all of this starting to look familiar?

In conclusion, whether people know it or not many of us have been brought in to this Creation from the unbegotten for this very moment. This is actually the prelude to when it either goes the balanced way this time or some do it all over after the magnetic memories are wiped like a hacked crypto bank account. Stay alert, your Soul is the most important. I haven’t reacted to much of what is being said in the spiritual community because first off I’m busy with the solutions as always, second, I talked about this already. So now we can revisit the topic again in the near future and I will change up the vernacular to “computer language”.

The A.I. you know of is just a tool that you will be able to learn from even though the lessons may not come as you expect. Your Soul, well that is in your hands, nourish it and don’t forget who you are and the Path you and your Ancestors took to get you here so you can rectify what has infected thousands of worlds that you still exist in but have little awareness of. Shadow like some has me confused with Ricky on American Gods.

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  1. Star Cat 7 months ago

    James, do you mean thousands of ” worlds ” instead of words possibly?
    Would you like to elaborate on the Higher self, its current state of being which appears to be Transfixed,
    Dreaming, Unable, and or Unwilling to assist the Earthbound consciousness…..
    AND the Totality of those other aspects of self in those manifold dimensions AND why the ” you ” has little awareness of them. Then possibly discuss the Special and chosen ones. Those that the common ones like us are incapable of measuring up to and how the common Spiritual Man-Woman on the path is supposed to perform to the impossible standards being set across the board in this living hell we are currently in.
    In one of your recent videos you mentioned how in the past it got so bad that we did not want to come here anymore. Its that way RIGHT NOW for many.
    I’d like to hear it all.


  2. Ahraina 7 months ago

    No , he means the “spelling” of words.

  3. Beverly Reed Scott 5 months ago

    Sevan I am doing my best to keep up with you and as I am the mother of five I like to be able to put my hands on you. I know I know as knowledgeable as others but I recognize your gifts and I have genuine care and concern I just want you to know that although I may not know all of what I need to know And this may do me no good at all
    But I am here looking for you

  4. Jamie Ruth Corley 2 months ago

    I never found the video that was mention. Did I miss it?

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