Cancer – root causes

4th Chakra imabalance – Heart: Self-love

Cancer of blood-Leukemia:

  • Intense depression, anger or ill will
  • Lack of pure love for self & others

Cancer of cervix:

  • Repressed anger

Cancer of female organs:

  • Repressed anger (Usually at male authority figures)
  • Feeling an emptiness in life
  • Unresolved resentments
  • Feelings of hostility being suppressed
  • Rejecting the self
  • Feelings of despair
  • Feelings of loneliness being repressed
  • Poor relationship with parents
  • Inability to cope with a traumatic loss
  • Feelings of hopelessness/helplessness being repressed
  • Mental depression
  • Holding on to deep anger, resentment, hate, revenge, or jealousy
  • Not open to “light” or divine help
  • Subconscious death wish– no desire to live

Cancer-Skin  7th Chakra– Crown: Selflessness  2nd Chakra – Sacral: Self-creation

  • A form of destruction due to feeling inadequate or unworthy

Cancer– Small of Back

  • Continual inside strife, but appearing happy
  • Carrying life’s burdens
  • Unresolved emotional burdens

Cancer -Stomach  3rd Chakra– Solar Plexus Self-empowerment

  • Feelings of condemnation & hatred
  • Feelings of malice
  • Feelings of wanting to get even
  • Unforgiveness

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