Establishing a Permaculture Based Food Forest

Permaculture is a design system that is based on understanding ecosystems.  It takes a look at the interactions between the trees, plants, fungi, bacteria, birds, animals and all other natural elements to create a sustainable ecosystem

In the video, we go through a slideshow with Josh Robinson, a Permaculturist who gives us a detailed insight into Permaculture, the functioning and how it works as a sustainable solution in creating a food forest.  He talks about the flaws in the traditional orchard system, where the same trees are planted together, thus making the soil deficient of the same nutrients, the need for fertilization and also susceptible to diseases. 


The alternative to this method is a permaculture food forest, a perennial poly-culture of multi-purpose plants.

This design not only produces lots of food but provides other services such as pest control, auto fertilization, mulch, pollination and much more.  Food forests are designed to be highly productive with the least amount of labor. 

This video will explain how to create a sustainable orchard that is patterned after nature.

Here at Secret Energy, we have a plan to become Sovereign by 2020



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