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Premium Chakra Frequencies

Here you will find advanced tones to assist with tuning your Chakras and restoring overall balance to you and your environment. Injoy!

Description: 7 frequencies configured on the harmonic scale adhering to the elements Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.


The Solution

A composed symphony of Chakra Bowls to bring balance and positivity to your environment. This can also be used to balance the energetic body.


Deluxe Singing Bowls

A composition of frequencies designed to place the aspirant in a space to adjust past and future imbalances. (It is recommended these tones be played in order, it is best to make a playlist)

F-Tone: Harmonizes all Elements in the environment.

Phi 3: Recorded at 0 Point it implodes the space and time.

Hidden Lands: A space free of distortion.

Chime 1: Negative shell elimination.

Chime 2: Perfected aura restoration.