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Natural Remedies for Cavities

Dental decay creates cavities in teeth. There may be tooth pain, or no pain associated. For more on tooth pain, see Toothaches and Root Canal Remedies. Causes are poor diet or nutrient assimilation, and lack of dental hygiene. Generally dental treatment includes filling holes, etc. with plastic or metal....

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Tumors (False growths), root causes

  Suppressed emotional hurts Holding onto feelings of hatred & anger Feelings of remorse Jealousy Not trusting self or others False sense of value & pride Results from not forgiving & releasing (forgetting) resentment Feeling of “No one cares” Doesn’t feel close to parents Forgiveness & Love are the...

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5th Chakra– Throat: Self-honesty Inability to cope/futility/ “What’s the use?” attitude Feelings of worthlessness/self-rejection Feelings of living a lie/guilt/inadequacy Locked in by unresolved negative emotions Locked in by believing the negative words of others Protecting against feelings one is afraid to feel Worried/bothered by lack of communications with others

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Natural Diverticulitis Remedies

The intestine is composed of pouches, also known as diverticula. When one or more diverticula become inflamed, the condition diverticulitis occurs. Diverticulitis usually occurs in the large intestine. Diverticulitis is caused when foods become stuck and are not eliminated. The intestinal lining may eventually protrude through the muscular wall...

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