How the Secret Energy

Affiliation Works

Earn commissions for your organic referrals

Becoming an affiliate with Secret Energy means you build currency in a way that strengthens your connection with others.

Unlock unique skills through training

Everyone has a special gift, you can now enjoy courses and special materials that assist you in building a sovereign future.

Spread enlightenment to seekers worldwide

It’s not about money, it’s about worldwide awareness and unity as a scalable solution for spiritual Seekers.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Select a Conscious Career

To begin your Sovereign plan you must first become a SE Affiliate. Its free to become a Specialist but Ambassadors enjoy some advanced perks. 

*Secret Energy Affiliates earn commissions and gifts for their mindfulness. This is a collective effort to bring about personal sovereignty by utilizing the force of unity.

Action 1

Step 2

Start Your Training

We offer basic and advanced metaphysical training for you to tune into your mode of Sovereignty. Once you enroll you will have access to The Innerversity.

Action 2

Step 3

Spread the Love  

Earn while you train! Once you obtain access to your affiliate dashboard you can start creating SUBID’s and begin building your completely mobile residual revenue stream.

Action 3

Co-Create a Conscious Ecosystem with Us! Enter to win a cosmic clock!
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Co-Create a Conscious Ecosystem with Us! Enter to win a cosmic clock!
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