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Your Innerversity Access Needs to be Approved

If you are seeing this page the following has occurred.

0. You are not logged in, as an Innerversity Student you must be logged in to access Innerversity material and archives.

1. You have not enrolled in the Innerversity which you can do by clicking here.

2. Your account is still being approved. Please allow 12 – 24 hours after enrollment for your Innerversity account to be approved and entered in to the system properly. Be sure we have your Secret Energy Username and/or Email address.

If you know you paid your Tuition from an email address that is not the email address you used to register your account at Secret Energy, please notify us at the following email address by including your username, password, and the email you used to make the purchase.



As you may have guessed we're out world building. You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Please consider our workload and responsibilities in regards to how much time that may take. What is great about Secret Energy is you can most likely find one of us in the chat box live right now! Wholeness


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