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We distribute a high-quality, interactive, metaphysical presentation across the world’s most popular social media and entertainment platforms to reach Seekers and implore the youth to advance their self-awareness and wisdom about the cosmos around them.

Interactive Conscious Media

The Keymakers – Ep 4 – Tripura

Archived Shows

The Keymakers Season Pre-Show

The Keymakers – Ep 1 – Kali

The Keymakers – Ep 2 – Shakti

The Keymakers Season – Ep 3 – Parvati

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Know a paradigm shifter in action with a profound message to share? Suggest them to appear on Keymakers.

Fund the Transcript

We can make the entire show searchable. Join others and help fund the transcript of your favorite presentation.

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The right message can expand an entire country. Join others in funding a popular language translation.

Real-time Honoring  

Fuel the production with a gift and assist us in expanding the network and broadening our reach.

Hyper-visual Presentation

Some topics can be tough to follow so we designed systems that can propagate supporting media.

Inline Crosschat

See questions and interactions across multiple chatrooms while viewing the Keymakers anywhere.

Live Question & Answer

Need further clarity? Ask a clear, concise question during the show and we will do our best to address it.

Contests & Incentives

Ohms are online and that means awards, contests, and gifts are all a part of promoting interaction.

Upcoming Shows & Events

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