Mud Flood: A Conspiracy that’s Literally Rocking the World

The Synopsis

An Earth-shifting event has occurred in various parts of the world leaving entire cultures in the wake of destruction, yet the catastrophic changes seem to be historically ignored and seldom reported. Some of these events happening as recent as 400 years ago seem to line up with cultural prophecies, except the timelines are off by thousands of years. This would hint to a possible fact that many events touted to take place in antiquity may have been as recent as only a few hundred years ago.

When looking closer many images of ancient cities don’t seem so ancient based on what we know now about architecture and construction.

Why would it be profitable for an entirely new world to be developed over the top of an old one, with only a few chosen or initiated inhabitants having knowledge of the previous catastrophe? Is this the missing key that may patch up all the chronological gaps that we find in the already unbelievable historical timeline we’ve been fed? Flat Earth British and Conspiracies-R-Us seem to think so.

Why is this Important?

The imagery and profound amount of information surrounding this event are numerous begging us to realize once and for all that it is entirely possible for hidden societies to alter the history of humanity within a very short period with little to any notice. How many more paradigm-shifting discoveries are we yet to uncover?

Have you been following up on the Mud Flood stories? If so copy any links of images and videos you may have in the comments so we can look over and share what you have found.

Don’t believe any of this is true and have an alternative explanation? We love to keep our eye open and lights on, let us know in the comments if this is just another false flag operation or imagination gone wild!

More Articles coming around this event including:

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  • Tartary: An Entire Nation, Gone or Hidden Amongst Us?
  • Free Energy: Is This the Secret Freemasons Have Made a Pact to Keep?



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Valencia Johnson-Ford
Valencia Johnson-Ford

This is confirmation for me! Just yesterday, I was finally able to answer a question plaguing me since a young girl!!! This Revelation is in the book of Revelations and it’s a Layer strategically overlaid upon by a Fable many think is true and profound…It’s NOT!!! And it right there HIDDEN in Plain Sight…for those with EYES to SEE & EARS 2 Hear! The HIDDEN MEANING WILL KNOCK YOUR WIG BACK!!!

Chukwudi Udeh
Chukwudi Udeh

Destruction, either man-made or natural disasters, are impossible to record them all in fine detail. And even if it was recorded, who has the time to read it all? Who is going to translate the information to the thousands of languages men speak and keep it accurate? Mud flood and all that archaeologist are steadily uncovering should open our minds to see that history taught in school is incomplete. For those private schools who honestly put an effort into presenting accurate information, they too, still need to revisit the archives. Public schools sponsored by governments, who intentionally create curriculum’s to… Read more »

BernCron Bernie

A huge part of this has to do with the concealment of pre 1800s being DC electricity existed on a massive scale. Using atmospheric electricity, alchemy (hydrolysis/plasma based battery systems), Mercury motors, magnetic field resonant frequency cross interactions. Powering lights ECT. Many ancient cathedrals were generator stations. It is also a huge part of the Tartarian empire cover up, and being erased from history. Star forts and world maps pre 1800s have a lot of evidence in regards to the topic.

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