November 14 – Closest Supermoon Of The Century

On November 14th, we will be treated to the largest supermoon to grace the night skies since 1948. For many, it will be the biggest they have seen in their lifetime, despite the fact that the supermoon phenomenon is not that uncommon. The next one this size isn’t expected to come along until 2034.

The moon is more than just a pale satellite of interest to poets and astronomers. Its influence goes beyond merely creating ocean tides or driving biological cycles. More importantly, the moon exerts a significant influence upon the mechanical, emotional, and psychological states in man. The werewolf myth and superstition concerning full moon lunacy are not far from the truth. Certain lunar phases heighten the possibility for emotionally draining situations and stimulate reactivity and sensitivity in vulnerable individuals. It would be more ironfx accurate to say that the moon exerts some subtle influence upon the organs of our etheric body responsible for initiating neurochemical impulses that trigger mechanical motion. How can the moon affect our emotional and intellectual centers? By the very fact that these lower centers have their own mechanical aspects.  This is an incredibly fascinating and practical subject since the lunar factor can be observed by anyone with eyes to see and knowledge of such cycles can be used to bypass obstacles normally exacerbated by the fog of ignorance.

aims to strip man of his mechanical behavior and hypnotic programming in order to build within him a core of heightened consciousness. It is an esoteric system assembled from incomplete fragments of inner Christianity and Sufism. It’s founder, Georges Gurdjieff, frequently admonished the thoughtless mechanical behavior of humanity and was fond of saying that we are “food for the moon.”

In his epic work Gnosis, formulated an esoteric system for spiritual evolution founded upon the inner traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy. Though sharing a common basis with Fourth Way, what Mouravieff detailed is comparatively more complete, accurate, and systematic.

Here is an excerpt from Gnosis summarizing what is necessary to transcend the lunar influence:

As a cell of organic life on Earth, man plays a part in the development of the Ray of Creation. The vivification of the Moon, that cosmic fetus, is one aspect of this development. This requires considerable quantities of energy, which is produced in particular by the human part of organic life. Illusion, which plays such an important role in the waking consciousness of man, was introduced into that state so that he would accept this aspect of the cosmic work, participating in it without rebellion.

If we become conscious of this situation and desire to escape it, we must conceive and create a screen which will protect us against this devouring influence of the Moon. We must meanwhile guard against falling into Illusion again by erecting a false screen; the result would be an aggravated waste of these forces instead of an economy of force.

The quantity of force necessary to genuinely oppose the influence of the Moon is already considerable.

The first imperative, then, is to stop wasting these forces, to turn off the taps which let the energy escape uselessly: sterile emotions, in particular negative emotions; fantasies from uncontrolled imagination; uncoordinated mental gymnastics, gossiping and chattering. We must thus act like a wise minister of finance and carefully economize our energies, yet without all the time sterilizing either our activity or our intelligence.

On the contrary, we must store and as far as possible augment these forces to build up our reserves. These are the two main aspects of the first objective we have to attain.

Supermoons are not all that rare, but they are quite an incredible sight when they do roll by. The event takes place when the moon is closest to the Earth in its egg-shaped orbit called the perigee. If this happens at the same time the moon aligns itself just right with the Sun, a perigee-syzygy effect takes place and we see the satellite as an enormous presence in the sky. There was a large supermoon event in October, and another is projected for December, however neither are as large as the one taking place on November 14. In fact, the supermoon expected on December 14 will block the Geminid meteor shower – one stunning cosmic event obstructing another. Make plans to witness this month’s supermoon, because you won’t have a chance to see another one this massive for quite some time.

It is therefore no coincidence all these lunar effects we’ve been having this year are bringing major changes in humanity’s consciousness. For many of us, while adapting to some of these uncomfortable changes, we just have to keep up powering through them, building that positive momentum, balanced mind over matter. Be in control of your emotions and your thoughts in order to bring whatever you want into fruition.


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    In Lak’ ech. Thank you for sharing this great article. It is very significant to our evolution.

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