Remote Viewing & The Atlantis Project Disclosure

Although we’ve already covered before about remove viewing on another article, there is always new and important updates on this yet fringe phenomena that is being unveiled on a daily basis now and so it deserves more attention. Our society is turning psychic.

Remote-viewing procedures were originally developed in laboratories funded by the United States military and intelligence services and used for espionage purposes. The scientific understanding of the remote-viewing phenomenon has greatly advanced in recent years, and as a result the process of remote viewing can now be reliably demonstrated in both laboratory and operational settings. There are a number of styles of remote-viewing procedures that are popularly practiced, such as Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV), Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), as well as a few others. Remote viewers use one or more of these styles to gather descriptive data of a “target,” which is usually some place or event at some point in time. Remote viewing is always done under blind conditions, which means that the remote viewer must know nothing about the target when conducting the remote-viewing session. All of the various styles of remote viewing require both training and regular practice in order for a remote viewer to become proficient. Remote viewing is normally considered a controlled shifting of awareness that is performed in the normal waking state of consciousness, and it does not typically involve an out-of-body experience, hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, or channeling.

Remote viewing is often performed in laboratory experiments involving psi functioning. The targets used in such experiments are normally considered “verifiable,” which means that everything that needs to be known about such targets either has been or can be determined so that the remote-viewing data can be compared with the target facts. A great deal of research is currently being done with regard to remote-viewing processes. Researchers are trying to understand the underlying mechanism of psi functioning, as well as to develop theories that explain various known and repeatable phenomena associated with remote viewing.

Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psi (or psychic ability). It is used to transfer perceptual information across time and space. It is clear that remote viewing works in complete violation of the accepted “laws” of quantum and relativistic physics. So those “laws” are incomplete. There is a theory about why it works on the level of physics, but that theory has not yet gained mainstream acceptance.

It is a matter of historical record that remote viewing has been used operationally in the past with considerable success by the U.S. government for espionage purposes, and a number of books recounting such programs have been published. There was even an official (and largely positive) governmental evaluation of a significant part of the government’s early remote-viewing program. Popular interest in remote viewing is often associated with this history. Current levels of governmental support for remote-viewing research and operations in the United States are not publicly known, although it is commonly assumed that efforts to utilize remote viewing for espionage purposes continues today, both in the U.S. and elsewhere.

It is our belief that a more complete understanding of the remote-viewing phenomenon will have collateral benefits to much of science and society. Due to how the remote-viewing phenomenon manifests in controlled experiments, the remote-viewing phenomenon appears to be based on quantum-processes. Much of the research done at The Farsight Institute blends theories of quantum mechanics with interpretations of experimental remote-viewing data. This has lead to new insights into the remote-viewing phenomenon as well as the nature of time and physical reality. For example, new research indicates that alternate futures actually do exist, and that the past exists simultaneously with the present. New research also suggests that information transfer across time does not require enormous energy consumption that would be associated with worm hole singularities. These questions are among the most profound addressed by science today.

visible spectrum

Now, because we learn primarily through vision, 80 percent of our brains are devoted to processing visual information—more than all the other senses combined. And when on top of that our visible spectrum is only a small part of all that exists, there is no doubt that we can be missing a lot of what’s really out there. Even more so when our perception of things is foggy, to say the least…

We got to stop thinking just in real physical dimensions and embrace concepts that we were never told about since we were born and taught in school. Also the constant suppression of information with key knowledge on who we really are has been very detrimental to our capacities in recognizing and accepting what we can really do as merely humans. There are many of us who live their lives in constant rejection and disbelief of our own nature, revealing how much our minds can be turned and programmed against ourselves.


Vaccines with sugar on top… When lack of knowledge, ignorance and the profit mentality started to run amok in our society, there is little left to be known about our true potential.


We haven’t been doing our work over all these years at random or just because it became a trend talking about consciousness. Our materials have always been since the beginning with the intent of showing that there is a way each and every one of us can reach a state of brilliance at spirit, mind and body levels. What we’ve been doing is providing the necessary tools for you to be able to do amazing work while being a better version of yourself on demand. Not only with the knowledge on our articles but also through the necessary products from our store for you to begin in perfecting yourself, re-membering who you are is our goal.

Ultimately, how to achieve freedom as human beings with vast Intelligence depends solely on us, a choice that only starts by ourselves. So, are we to continue to be in the victim mentality or are we to raise up and say Enough is enough, I have the right to be and do better than this! – All we’ve been seeking is to make this planet a better place for all to live in harmony instead of foolishness.


When looks became more important than what you can do…

Not long ago, a technologically advanced human civilization thrived on Earth. This was Atlantis, the real Atlantis, not a mythological story. Here—documented with new scientific data—is the true story of their demise. They were not undone because of a natural cataclysm. Rather, through the reckless misuse of their own science, they destroyed their civilization. Ironically enough, it seems that we are today in the brink of doing exactly the same, showing that we have not yet learned from past mistakes. History repeating itself. Only a few thousand people survived, and everyone on Earth today is related to that same small group of survivors. How curious it is we have this attraction for technology… many of us indeed have an Atlantean inclination, it seems.

Using remote-viewing data collected by two of the most well-trained and talented remote viewers of today, the true story of what happened when Atlantis collapsed is told with striking detail and clarity. And because being able to remote view is just one of the many abilities we can do once we get to the point of Oneness, the next video is just a glimpse of the enormous capacities we are able to harness as humans, not as a Marvel superhero like in the theaters. These remote viewers are considered among the best in the world and there is a reason for that. They’ve just learned the ways of the Heart and Intuition, which is already an enormous work on itself on being able to go against the hive-mind of today. They’ve learned naturally to work with quantum mechanics, which means they can perceive the past and the future in the present, or in the now, showing how time can be manipulated at will. They can sense smell, see colours, and feel distant surfaces almost as if they can touch them, there is really no limits. Although there is always a percentage of failure with any remote viewing session, the more you practise it the more you get better at it. Crimes have already been solved using remote viewing with missing persons being found, and this is a fact that is currently being more and more accepted within the authorities on crime investigations, to not see this precious assistance as woo-woo. Everyone has this ability all it needs is training. There are also some people that are naturally more psychic than others, and if they perfect remote viewing then they can be really good at it and perceive things with incredible detail. We just have to be willing to be free, in the real sense of the word. And who doesn’t want to travel anywhere?


To note, Dick Allgire, the first remote viewer that you see in this video is using earphones that provide him with binaural Theta sound, so that his brain waves are more in tune for more clear vision. Remember that we recently posted this article on brain waves and what they can do to you. There is also a link in the end of the video description on the full presentation which is over 2 hours, that we recommend you to see it. So please injoy:


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