School Cafeterias Affected By Marketing

How Do You Get Your Kids To Love Eating Healthy? - Dr. Drew Hanks via @Well_org

If you have young kids and you let them catch some cartoons so you can get things done around the house, you’ve most likely seen how commercials tell our kids everything that they need. From toys to Lucky Charms, Madison Avenue knows what it’s doing. Dr Drew Hanks has done some really interesting research behind how our kids make less nutritional choices because of all the advertising that’s out there. He’s a behavioral economist who focuses on consumer food choice and eating and the economic and psychological factors that influence these decisions.

Dr. Hanks says that his research and efforts are about getting kids to make healthier choices in the lunchrooms instead of putting the energy into just blocking them from getting there in the first place. It’s about changing the mind from step one and reframing it. If we just restrict the choices, what are we really teaching the kids? If we put the focus on choosing the healthier option even if the bad choice is there for the taking as well. That’s encouraging.

Dr. Hanks and his group worked with a private company to put effort into changing the marketing around vegetables and created characters for the kids to connect with. And it worked. It’s amazing what a simple change can do that actually got kids to draw their attention to a salad bar because a banner with characters was put up around it combined with a TV commercial with the same characters. The kids connected to it. So, pro health marketing can work and it’s pretty cool to see it used in a way that helps our kids.

Moving in the right direction

Getting people to be socially conscience of what’s going on in our schools is huge. And getting the marketing and advertising guys to realize that what they put out there matters and is affecting our kids and what they are eating in the lunchrooms. Companies, especially organic companies just need to keep getting their message out there and make healthy choices look appealing to kids so bluehost that they will be inclined to eat it instead of the bag of chips. And it’s not all on them, we parents need to do our part as well. Grow a garden and encourage your kids to eat things that nourish their bodies. If we get them interested and help them to understand how good fruits and vegetables are for us, we are off to a good start to making the world healthier than the one we are in now.



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