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AMBASSADOR TRAINING includes direct mentorship and access to the classes designed for achieving success and fulfillment in life’s most important arenas. To see all of the details click here. Training course take place twice a month and allow you to interact directly with the instructors. Wholeness

This training is $79 a month and you can cancel at anytime.

In addition to training we also give you a proficient way to begin tapping in to Karma Free Wealth which is a great addition to anything that you are doing and can replace things you rather not be. This gives you access to our Spiritech Ambassador Plan which includes:

  • Affiliate Credentials
  • An Embeddable Store (optional)
  • Premium Marketing Materials
  • Pre-Recorded Training Courses
  • Unlimited Downlines
  • Commissions Increase *
  • Integrated Support Groups
  • Live Training Classes

For more information on what Ambassador Training includes click here.

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