Intelligence Suite




Therapeutic grade high quality binaural frequencies designed by professionals. This collection focuses on intelligence and stimulating the brain for optimal performance.

1.Brain Starter 15.17 min, dual binaural beats, 4.5-12 Hz

2. Mental Cool Down 16.13min, dual binaural beats, 1-12 Hz

3. Akashic Data Access 51.11 min, binaural beats, 6-12 Hz

4. Pre-Learning Mode 28.13 min, pulsed tone, 4.5-20 Hz

5. Left Brain Enhancement 40.06 min, dual binaural beats, 4.5-24Hz

6.Linguistic Stimulant 44.15 min, dual binaural beats , 5-11.50 Hz

7. Memory Restoration 30.13 min, binaural beats, 4.5-14 Hz

8. Rapid Concentration 5.15 min, dual binaural beats, 10.5-23.5 Hz

9. Mental Defrag 10.23 min, dual binaural beats, 2-24 Hz

10. Theta Primer 22.16 min, pulsed tone, 1.5-19.5 Hz

11. Recollection 42.32 min, dual binaural beats, 1.5-19.5 Hz

12. Bonus Track 17.47 min, dual binaural beats, 1.5-23.5 Hz

13. Advance Learning 44.18 min, pulsed tone, 5-15.5 Hz

This is item will be delivered electronically in downloadable format. You will receive 12 High Quality 320 kbps  .mp3 Binaural Tracks w/ a Bonus 13th track. 

For more information see the FAQ section.

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