Manifestation Suite




Therapeutic grade high quality binaural frequencies designed by professionals. This set focuses on generating the state for frontal lobe projection and inception which preps the field for manifestation in to the third dimension.

1. Inspirational Sounds 23.11 min, pulsed chord, 3-24 Hz

2. Acute Awareness 28.17 min dual binaural beats 20-40 Hz

3. Optimal Solutions 28.17 min pulsed surf, 7.8-30 Hz

4. Creative Booster 52.14 min dual binaural beats, 5-42 Hz

5. Quick Inside 16.08 min, pulsed chord, 4.5-12 Hz

6. Visual Development 31.15 min, dual binaural beats, 4-12 Hz

7. Minds Eye Development 21.53 min, pulsed tone, 4.5-42 Hz8. Bonus Track 43.18 min, pulsed tone, 1-15 Hz

8. Astro Imaging 47.08 min, dual binaural beats/surf, 4.5-11 Hz

9. Corpus Collosum Stimulant  31.06 min, surf, 1-42 Hz

10. Reboot 10.26 min, dual binaural beats, 1.5-30 Hz

11. Mental Vortexing 4.19 min, dual monaural beats, 3-40 Hz

12. Projection 43.03 min, dual binaural beats, 1-15 Hz

13. Right Hemisphere Stimulus 43 min, dual binaural beats, 3-26 Hz

14. Left Hemisphere Stimulus  43 min, dual monaural beats, 5-24 Hz

This is item will be delivered electronically in downloadable format. You will receive 14 High Quality 320 kbps  .mp3 Binaural Tracks 

For more information see the FAQ section.

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