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Pure Monatomic Platinum. The transformed state of Pt quintessence formulated as a superconductor. Mfkzt 4000™ is premium exotic matter suspended in a state of high spin. It is associated with higher levels of self mastery abd can also be considered as an asymmetrical super-deformed hybrid. It is labeled as such because there is no net loss of energy when exchange occurs between element and aspirant.

Identity: MFKZT-4000

Formula: mPt (platinum)

Liquid stabilized in Mg/Ca/Ma ionic solution (Na+ 2.3 mg/lt)
Amber glass bottle with upside-down plastic dropper
Screw tamper evident childproof cap. A specific ‘shielding’ process is performed to generate a retro-print that “locks” the monoatomic clusters, preventing the reproduction processes through radionic copy machines (Rae, Bruce Copens, etc.) and other methods as well as EMF pollution.

Method: Oral (O)

Quantity: 30ml (1.1 fl oz / 600 drops)

Suggested Use:
Adults: 3-4 drops, 2x to 3x per day
12 years of age and older: 1-2 drops per day or as professionally prescribed

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