Sodium Chloride – Natrum Mur


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Sodium Chloride (Natrum Muriaticum)

Sodium Chloride, the source of the cell salt Natrum mur, helps the body regulate fluids and aids nutrition. Imbalances lead to issues of dryness, discharges and fatigue. Fortunately the cell salt Natrum mur, helps the body’s efforts to restore balance and relieve a diverse range of symptoms.

Dryness underlies many of Nat mur’s applications. Its colds and congestions have a dry rawness along with thickening clear to whitish mucus. These include colds, hay fever and sinus pressure often marked by profuse nasal discharge, watery eyes, post nasal drip, dry tickling coughs or dry sore throats. Other applications with connections to internal dryness include cold sores, flaky skin, dandruff, cracked lips, fever blisters, eye irritation, vaginal dryness, constipation, incontinence and other acute urinary symptoms.

Nat mur relieves a variety of pain symptoms. The headaches it can relieve vary from ‘school girl’ puberty-related headaches to throbbing headaches in the forehead and temples to blinding migraines that feel like many hammers are pounding inside. Sore, as if bruised, lower backaches that prefer to sleep on a hard surface and are usually brought on by bending over in manual labor, such as gardening, often yield to Nat mur.

Its digestive complaints include painless watery diarrhea, constipation with ineffectual urging and indigestion with sour taste and belching that does not relieve discomfort.

On the emotional plane, the dryness becomes idiomatic as Nat mur applies to poorly circulated stress– suppressed grief, humiliation and heartbreaks.  Sadness, irritability, anger, sleeplessness and haunting memories tend to dominate. These are most marked in emotional individuals who do not want to express emotions and, though considerate of others, may appear cold as they reject sympathy and actually feel worse with consolation. They often are very sensitive to music and can become quite discontented. They tend to keep troubles to themselves, dwell on unpleasant memories and may become easily offended perfectionists. Whenever a new grief, sadness or even music brings up old griefs as if fresh, Nat mur can help resolve the stress and relieve its effects.

Complaints tend to improve with open air, deep breathing and tight clothing, and worsen with consolation, more emotion, hormonal fluctuations and sunlight (especially headaches). A deep crack in the lower lip and a desire for salty foods further indicate a need for Nat mur.

Solution: Natrum Muriaticum
Strength: 6x
Format: Powder compacted into dissolvable pill
Method: Oral (O), Sublingually (S)
Quantity: 500 capsules
Suggested Use: Adults dissolve 2 capsules under the tongue before bed

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