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Therapeutic grade high quality binaural frequencies designed by professionals. This set focuses on powering up and energizing the body to promote healthy regeneration and that extra boost during your progress.

1. Hyper Accuracy – Proficient training via Beta Waves to boost cerebral ability. Frequency Formula 0.5Hz – 42Hz – 39 min.

2. Recharge – A frequency oscillation specifically configured to reboot the body after exhaustion restoring the awaken state. Frequency Formula 8.7Hz – 31 – Hz 14 min.

3. The Gauntlet – A fast pace frequency session for demanding physical activity. 14Hz -28.3Hz – 28 min.

4. The Motivator – Shake off stagnation with gamma and beta pitches. 7.3Hz – 39Hz – 6 min.

5. Reboot – A frequency set that first induces calmness for regeneration and then ramps to bring the system back online after restoration. 1.8Hz – 32Hz – 31 min.

6. Bright Mind – A frequency formula designed to keep your perception sharp. 3Hz – 38.6Hz 37 min.

7. Charge Up – A direct sequence of binaural melodies from 0Hz – 22Hz synchronized with a beta offset. 0.5Hz – 19.8Hz – 17 min.

8. Bursts – Bring your system online rapidly especially after longer sessions of relaxation and sleep. Binaural Formula ranging from 13.5Hz – 42.7Hz – 21 min.

9. The Stimulant – Quickly get back in to action after a nap or low point in the day. 0.5Hz – 16 Hz – 19 min.

10. Power Up – A frequency configuration for physical endeavors centered around exercising and weight training. 0.3 – 15 Hz – 18 min.

11. Charge Up – A energy booster that will get you back on track after a slump in the day. 1.5Hz – 21Hz – 22 min

12. Runners Delight – A great set for a gradual boost during a routine physical activity. 20Hz – 41Hz – 11 min.

*Bonus Track

This is item will be delivered electronically in downloadable format. You will receive 12 High Quality 320 kbps  .mp3 Binaural Tracks w/ a Bonus 13th track. 

For more information see the FAQ section.

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