Spiritek Specialist

Become a Spiritek Speciailist

How often have you heard someone telling you to better yourself without that first solution of how to begin the metamorphosis?

From great intention, we are now excited to present you the opportunity to become a Spiritek Specialist. This is a collective approach for you to fortify yourself. You will be representing the most advanced and effective solutions available to date.

This is what makes the Spiritek Program so amazing.





  • High Commissions

    Our commissions, which are 9% of gross, puts us amongst the top tier of affiliate programs. Secret Energy in conjunction with Realm Dynamics bears all responsibility for procurement, shipping, handling, and general customer service related to the products. Simply direct customers our way and receive your compensation. This can be done by putting links on your Facebook page, website, and even by word of mouth.

  • Residual Income

    You receive commissions on all your client's purchases as long as you are a Specialist. This is known as a residual or passive stream of income. You can build an expanding mobile monthly income as we are designed to reward dedication and self application. We may offer you other opportunities to expand your income based on your performance.

  • Karma Free Wealth

    For Seekers all over the world who see constant travel and exploration as a necessity to their spiritual expansion. We recommend our program to professionals, retirees, families looking to get out of debt, and those seeking financial freedom and independence from unconscious business practices. Secret Energy is experiencing and will continue to experience tremendous growth. Our first initiatives have been to fully integrate our knowledge base with step-by-step instructions regarding the path and all forms of healing.

  • Ambassador Program

    You can even sign others up and gain proceeds from their sales also. A Spiritek Ambassador can sign up an unlimited amount of Specialist increasing their income and growing their own personal network. We also offer Ambassadors leads to assist them in their progress. There are no caps on your potential or services can be utilized in holistic settings worldwide.

  • Free Training

    If you are in need of learning about our Elements and their proper use thats what we are here for, Spiritek in conjunction with Realm Dynamics offers you training videos and live seminars to assist you in expanding your mental, physical, and spiritual knowledge. We can assist you in catapulting your career and Path. Also keep in mind we offer 24 hour 7 day a week support to all clients who engage with us via our website so all needs are met.


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Ambassador Training

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Innerversity Semester 1 All Courses

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Regeneration Salve

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Etherium Gold

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Secret Energy Salts – High Grade Magnesium Crystals

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Contributing Member 20

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The Alkalizer

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