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We wanted to notify you of a innovative way you can not only make a strong primary or secondary income but also assist your clients all at the same time! To be as brief as possible our network began 7 years ago and now we have several very stable outlets for consciousness due to the dynamic reach of our mission.




We would like to insure that your message and services to humanity also remains intact with the ability to expand. We all know the greatest threat to our work is the inability to turn over capitol, lets just face it, depending on donations and advertisements every month can have a tendency to be tedious and even draining as most contributions and contracts may pay the bills but leave little to anything for the growth you have been projecting.

Now a new solution arises that will allow your information hub to double as a portal to the supplements that really activate a person in to their higher potential. Realm Dynamics has spent the last few years securing the most effective elements related to Mental, Spiritual, and Physical growth and our reviews are through the ceiling! We are now offering you the ability to have a complete store on your site!

Realm Dynamics offers the most advanced products related to expansion, it is frequented by thousands of visitors simply for its amazing products. Unlike many affiliate banner programs Realm Dynamics has come up with a way for you to have a complete store that embeds right in to your site allowing you to earn unlimited amounts of commission. Realm Dynamics will pay you 9% of the total value of any purchases that are processed through your store. With our first rate affiliate tracking software system you can see your sales accrue in realtime.

Having this store on your site is as easy as dropping a simple embed code that contains the store module itself along with your affiliate code in to a webpage. You then place a hyperlink in your menu titled “store” which will be located on your site and walla, your done. What makes this so unique is your own traffic never leaves your site, in fact the store integrates so well they feel it is a part of your site and in fact it is!


You can see a sample of the store by clicking here . The store will tuck right under your banner making the integration seamless. This allows you to have amazing products on your site earn fantastic commissions and not even have to worry about shipping and handling or customer service since we will take care of all that for you. Just collect your money, its that simple.

Think about it, during your shows and publications you can maximize the interest of your crowd by now offering them products that go along with your theme. So whether you are an Author, Radio Host, Motivational Speaker, Health Coach or all the above you now have an abundance of highly rated elements empowering your goals. To take advantage of this proposition just fill out the form below, we will begin processing your sign up and creating your store. You will then receive a response from us with instruction and everything necessary to begin right away.

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