The Cosmic Art of Speaking

The roots to our spiritual culture actually come from space… it comes from observing the Stars.

Initially, our spiritual system that was in place came to us by the Stars and next by the Environment.

A simple observance of how things change throughout seasons, gave us the ability to develop a spiritual system of belief that took us from the base area (in this case the Kali, which is even lower than the root chakra) all the way up through the system of energy colors or as we would say, the ladder of lights… bringing us into the awareness of who we are in totality – a being of the cosmos.

In short, this spiritual system that we’re highlighting today that has been taken by others, used by others, excluded from other people, etcetera … was actually, something that was written in the stars – not something that was only available to a select group of people.

If we take the Essenes, who were known to watch the stars; these ancient groups of learned men that some called the Gnostics, looking up at the stars… what were they doing?

They were spending their lives accounting the positions of the stars because they felt that it had an extreme importance to what was going to come next, how we were functioning now, and what happened in the past.

In utilizing this system, to more or less read time, it became the go-to for how to put ourselves into the proper order.

I think the easiest way to start disclosing some of this, especially in relation to the culture, is to see that what the language does is connect constellations.

It looks like somebody played a dot-to-dot with the cosmos, and developed alphabets or certain symbols. Many of those symbols actually come from the essence of the stars.

In essence, it is basically saying that generally our language is tied directly into what we know, and anytime that we were removed from our language, ignorance ensues.

It’s almost as if we forget all of this knowledge.

I think it’s equally important to connect it to the Tamil Nadu region because of the antiquity of the language itself.

Also, our ability to take this language as we learn it, and decode words that later on came into the Latin Vulgates, and the hieratic and demotic scripts that came before that; and show the connection between the concept of what the word says.

Now here we go with the fictitious stuff, but let’s just look at the action…

Remember the time in the Bible that God tells Adam to “Name all the animals!” … if you were given that responsibility, what would you name them and why?

What we find, is that people named animals were based on the sounds they made… so the maaah of the goat became the word masum, and the cahcah of the crow became known as the Caca Marie.

There were many different animals who made a sound as if saying, “No. Here is my name already. I’m telling it to you.

The first languages were developed from those sounds.

In addition, languages were developed with how your body actually moved or how you felt energy move when you said those words.

Language in itself was not something that we all had at one time.

Even the Tamil language has over three hundred thousand words, so obviously, those words weren’t just dropped out of the sky… not entirely.

In observing the differences of vibrations in the linguistic system, Words were developed over a period of time to make a Perfect Language — one that connected with how we functioned in daily life, how we articulated ourselves, and how we could continuously go into greater levels of knowledge.

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Chukwudi Udeh
Chukwudi Udeh

I can see how environmental sounds and celestial projections, helped our forefather and mothers, create languages. It all makes sense when we start tracing humanities history by the original modes of communication versus basing all what we think we know on what we we’re taught in school in English.

Janet Myers
Janet Myers

Within each person, is ‘Force’ Spirit, Soul… people give it many names, but it is nameless. This is in our heart and when elders, leaders, those who are responsible for the welfare of others, see good things, they want to repeat the process of the good thing that creates an uplifting within those they care for.. It is only natural, for a parent, to want the best for their child, to desire that their child be happy and feel loved and nurtured and blossom…. grow.. So, it is, with the Wise man, of old, who saw that the coming together… Read more »

Valencia Johnson-Ford
Valencia Johnson-Ford

I recently saw a movie called “A Thousand Words” feat-Eddie Murphy. I know it’s hollywood but, there were some jewels in it and the gist is just what Sevan is saying to us. Eddie was this egotistical, loud mouth successful guy that basked in the fact people wanted to hear what he had to say. His chase for Mammon led him to a so-called Guru, who through the guise of meditation, quiet, breathing, and magic led him to his crossroads in life where he had to not just choose, but realize he had already chosen and just needed to innerstand.


Makes sense, that our vocal chords allow us to encompass all sounds, referring to what/who we are. Everything.

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