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  1. rituj.blessed 2 years ago

    Change had already began. Be the part.

  2. SOLID716 2 years ago

    I watched your show the other day and loved it. I’ve been into cryptocurrency for a little while now and found your translations and information very powerful. I wanted to share that one of the people that I find the most beneficial to understanding cryptocurrency is Jeff Berwick “The Dollar Vigilante”. If you have not heard of him or follow him, I would take a serious look at him. Thank you again Sevan for putting out the powerful currents!!

  3. Readingb99 2 years ago

    I can hear u

  4. kimkam 2 years ago

    Sevan thank you so much for this! I resonate with what you said about not wanting to be here . I was feeling like this for a long time and you made me realize I need to change my outlook. This presentation has inspired me to continue to exist and start to share my gift to uplift one an another.
    Thank you for ever educating us with real knowledge to that applies to our expansion.

  5. Thr3Eye 1 year ago

    This video gave me the courage to jump into the markets after watching on the sidelines for 2 months and studying crypto. If you are like me and are interested in joining the crypto-verse, I have created a easy guide on my website. No frills, no costs, just good information that will get you on the right track towards financial sovereignty.

  6. CK.DyGnoSoar 1 year ago

    Just wanted to express appreciation in this format to Sevan and the whole’n’us group, of which/who have, all in one, for years been putting together & producing this grounded yet sky high-lifting message of getting back to SELF through SoVeryReignITy.

    The WHOLE of the message is truly priceless, but with the information in the video above and the related SE content, I can literally and financially count my blessings in addition to the metaphysical/revolutionary information I’ve gleaned.

    Again, Much Gratitude, especially at this moment in time, for the “whole second heads up “ here which I finally received after I missed the initial “sacred” energy shared during Year 1 Semester 1 of the INNERVERSITY classes.

    Truly is a testament to getting CURRENT in the gno and remaining in current-see by “being there” or being active in those areas, circles, & thought patterns which the IN-TUITION begs the each of us to see uniquely…

    Personally, I was too busy playing around in Ladi da yad a day a ya duh yada ego land to hear what was being transmitted, and may still be to some degree, but the SE message did break through my ignorance. From that breakthrough, I equate myself to a great and sought after “leap” or “personal growth” in my years of seeking of such accomplishments and am anxious to forward…
    Many thanks…

    Thanks Tribe!

  7. CK.DyGnoSoar 10 months ago

    Please, bring me Bach to current see.

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