Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations. ❤️ The time has come! As you may know, this was the final day for “Mindfulfunding” the App. We are proud to see that we raised $36,275 of $400,000 as of this notice! The big question; what do we do now?

Of course, “being prepared” is my specialty. The Tribe and I continue to place strong intentions with focus on sovereignty through unity. It is indeed an eye opener to know that while there is keen interest in the use of Mindful App once complete, there is still a need for more financial support to complete construction.

I know the Mindful App will be built, and I know our global Tribe has what it takes to go beyond, however, we must spread the awareness even further. I have invested my entire existence into expanding humanity, and this is not something I’m thinking about doing, it’s something that continues to get done through everything we have co-created thus far. Each of us has propelled each other’s lives over existence without end.

We are going forward with Mindfulfunding for 90 more days! We are going to take what we learned so far, and we are going to get as many humans in the world as possible to support what we are doing on all levels. We will summon the world Tribe on the cusp of cosmic greatness and do our best to prevent division across our horizon. I instructed our developers a month ago to go full steam ahead, and I would figure it out financially as I go. So we have built key parts of Mindful App already, and we are confident that we can make our Beta launch dates!

We are asking all of our supporters, those who have been thinking about supporting, and of course those who forgot to help to push with us now. Mindful App is not one person’s idea; its a synthesis of everything manifested thus far. This springboard is designed to ignite and catalyze anyone that has aligned intentions. Let our resonance continue to spread, and lets beat the drum!

Support Mindful App https://fund.secretenergy.com/product/mindful-app/
Become a Secret Energy affiliate to get rewarded for referring your friends to Mindfulfunding. https://affiliate.secretenergy.com

We have 90 more days! Please consider supporting mindful technologies. https://fund.secretenergy.com

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Jojo N Intsiful
Jojo N Intsiful

I relate to this profoundly. I am with you along with a small tribe here in Antigua. I see the value of this manifestation in everyday life and I am doing my part to be my whole. Guidance and Clarity to all of us.


Much appreciation for the guidance! I will do more to aid our vision for the Mindful App.
La Need A SupHerb


Loving all 🔊💞

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